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About Ireland

Ireland is an island in N-V Europe with a total area of ​​84,421 km2, of which Northern Ireland, which belongs to Great Britain, occupies 14,139 km2. The Republic of Ireland is the westernmost member of the European Union and has a well-developed economy. Population exceeds 4.5 million (see 2012 statistical data). The capital is in Dublin and has an urban population of about 1,050,000 and a metropolitan area of ​​approx. 1.66 million. The city is located on the banks of the River Liffey. The national currency is the Euro.

The island of Ireland is completely surrounded by the Atlantic, but the water section between the island and the UK is known as the Irish Sea. The western coast of the Republic of Ireland is made up of hills and mountains of low height, the highest peak being the Carrauntoohil of 1041 m. In the center of the country, we are predominantly in a favorable land for animal husbandry. The central area is crossed by rivers, the most important of which is Shannon, and here we also encounter an entire lake of lakes. Here are the most important peat bogs, which are among the most important natural resources of Ireland.


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Drive Your Passions -Finding Your True Passion

driving your passion


How do you find out what is your true passion about?
So you have decided to break away from the pathetic monotony of your regular job. You want to live fully and passionately and reap all those rich rewards at the end of the rainbow.
How do you separate the delusions from the do-able? You could be passionate about becoming the King of Spain, or winning the lottery or ruling the world. Indeed, there are people who have dreamt of that and done it. Alexander the Great ruled almost the entire known world in his time. But what is your true passion?

true passion
Here are a few steps you can take to discover the currents that move you deep inside to find your true passion:-
1. Read your own body language. How does your body behave at your present job? Does it tense up and ache all the time? Do you get panic attacks very often? Are you so bored that you doze at your desk? Do you keep looking at the clock as break time approaches? Then you are in the wrong job. You simply don’t have the true passion for it. When you work on a job that you are passionate about, all your aches and cramps will dissolve. You will find yourself working extra hours, talking to your friends about your work and simply bubbling with life.

Mostra immagine originale

2. What did you love doing as a child? Your childhood hobbies and obsessions can indicate a genuine passion. Education and family pressures often move us away from our true calling. Did you love bikes or gardening or trekking? Then maybe a career in the automobile or landscaping or travel industries is where you should be! So sit back and recall your childhood and write down your memories. What made you smile then may still make you grin today and in the future.

true passion

3. What do you love doing as an adult? You might very well have passionate side pursuits even today. Do you love your moonlighting job more than your regular day job? Many corporate honchos work the night shift as chefs or night school teachers. Start spending a few hours every day on your pet hobby. It may just hold the key to the real you!

true passion

Go and find your true passion and live it! 🙂

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Chronic Pains? Try This Magic Drink And Be Amazed of Fast Results


chronic pain

Do you suffer from chronic pains in the neck, joints, legs, or back? Chronic pain plagues millions of people in the U.S. It seems like no matter what you do, this pain simply refuses to go away.

What if I told you that by drinking one simply drink every morning, your pain would go away? Did I mention this drink only takes 30 seconds to make?

This magic drink is a natural remedy and works great for chronic pains— nothing more than some edible gelatin in a glass of cold water! Keep in mind, while this drink can definitely help you, if you’re suffering from severe chronic pains please go see a doctor; this isn’t medical advice.Dawn-Delight-380x253


  • 150 grams edible gelatin (this will last you a month)
  • Cold water


  1. Add 5 grams of edible gelatin (not jello!) to cold water
  2. Stir well, then leave it in the fridge overnight
  3. (Optional) Add honey, yogurt, or juice for improved taste


  • Drink 1 8 oz glass of gelatin water every morning for 30 days.
  • While you will begin to feel its effects after merely a week, try to see it through until the end – that will give the mineral salts in the gelatin time to get into your body.
  • If the pain returns, you can retreat your body with this method only after 6 months.

This drink is a miracle because of the amino acids contained in the gelatin. It helps the tissue recover in our tendons, cartilage, bones, and collagen. It also aids in strengthening ligaments and improving your immune system.

When consumed regularly, gelatin water can also contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis!


chronic pain relief recipe

Good luck – and may your pain go away, and your health improve! Don’t forget to share this recipe with your friends to help them relief their chronic pains, if it works for you!

Drive Your Passions – The Highway of Passion

You cannot become rich or achieve any other kind of success in life if you don’t have passion about what you are doing. Be it the simplest thing or the most sophisticated thing, you need passion in order to succeed.
Here we take a look at how important passion is and what different forms it must take in order to point our lives in the right direction, i.e. in the direction of super success.

What’s the importance of passion in your life? Where does it take you?

The Highway of Passion

“When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.”


You have a 9 to 5 job drawing a good pay, you have a good family and all’s well with the world. But deep inside, you feel like you are going nowhere. The job isn’t moving upward either. You are actually stagnating in your career and mentally and spiritually. Something is missing.
Passion. The one quality that textbooks and instruction manuals and company procedures will never talk about. Everyone is in such a hurry to make you fit perfectly into the machine like a well oiled gear, that they forgot you are a living, feeling human being. Even you have forgotten.

Ask yourself. If I had a million bucks in the bank, what kind of work would I be doing? Would I chuck this humdrum job and move on to something really exciting? Something that I have always wanted to do? Then ask yourself – why am I not doing that right now? Is it because of peer pressure or because I don’t want to move out of my comfort zone? Don’t want to rock my boat? You are half asleep in your boat already and in a few years, you could be put out to pasture! If the boat rocks now, you could be jerked awake and come to your senses. Your passionate senses.

In the aftermath of the recession of 2008, millions of people lost their jobs. Many of them took up new vocations and suddenly found that they were finally following their dream. Many of them are now highly successful in their new found professions.
You don’t have to wait for dire straits to rock you out of your present mediocre life. You can decide right now, that you want to live and work passionately and
make your life worthwhile.

The Highway of Passion is an amazing ride. And Prosperity is just one of the landmarks on this route!

Get ready for the ride of your life!

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Use Words Powerfully – 101 Positively Powerful Words

Words have tremendous power to build, or they have the power to destroy. When we use words, we have the power to change how we feel simply by the words we choose to describe our experience or feelings. In life, a big part of reaching our goals and getting what we want has to do with communication with others. By using words in a positive and powerful way, your communication with others will dramatically increase in effectively.
The technique I describe here is one powerful and fun way to increase your effective communication with others.

How many times a day are you asked, “How’s it going?” And how many times do you say, “Fine”. Typically this happens in passing, and neither person even thinks about what is being said, and beyond that, there is no emotional connection. One simple way make that exchange electric and fun is to use positive words. Using positive words in this case changes the entire experience.

So, when someone asks you, “How’s it going?” What should you say? You’ll want to have planned ahead what you’ll say, and you want it to be dramatic and impactful. Your response has the power to help you feel wonderful, and at the same time, break the mental pattern of the person who asked you the question. What you really want is to have the person almost become puzzled at your answer because they’ve never heard that type of response before. It’s a lot of fun when that happens!

As an example, I’ve created a list of 101 words or phrases that could be said to the question, “How are you doing?” The list isn’t exhaustive, yet it gives you a start. Use the list choosing words from it to say in your response. Say, “I’m feeling (or doing)…(and then use a word on the list).” Make sure you say it with enthusiasm. For example, you can say, “I’m feeling stupendous!” Say that out loud with gusto and see if it doesn’t change immediately the way you feel.

An even more effective way of responding is to take a combination of the words from the list and put them together. For example, the word “particular” may be confusing to most people (and yourself) if you were to respond simply, “I’m feeling particular!” Yet, if you combine it with another powerfully positive work such as “fantastic”, then you are able to respond by saying, “I’m feeling particularly fantastic!” Wow! What a response! The more creative you are, the more fun it will be.

Look over each of the words and figure out how you could use them in your response.

101 Powerfully Positive Words (in no particular order):

1. Fantastic

2. Stupendous

3. Fabulous

4. Magnificent

5. Good

6. Great

7. The best

8. Better than ever

9. Incredible

10. Unbelievable

11. Tremendous

12. Prodigious

13. Marvelous

14. Wonderful

15. Brilliant

16. Superb

17. Terrific

18. Excellent

19. Remarkable

20. Exceptional

21. Phenomenal

22. Extraordinary

23. Amazing

24. Awesome

25. Colossal

26. Brilliant

27. Stunning

28. Out of this world

29. Enormous

30. Splendid

31. Glorious

32. Superlative

33. Grand

34. Unmatched

35. Untouchable

36. Unbeatable

37. Best ever

38. Outstanding

39. Supreme

40. First-class

41. First-rate

42. Joyful

43. Delightful

44. Committed

45. Impressive

46. Boundless

47. Unlimited

48. Abundant

49. On top of the world

50. Astonishing

51. Mind-blowing

52. Mind-boggling

53. Sensational

54. Awe-inspiring

55. Spectacular

56. Radiant

57. Extreme

58. Especially

59. Particular

60. Staggering

61. Superb

62. Unparalleled

63. Unrivaled

64. Supreme

65. Invincible

66. Indomitable

67. Absolutely

68. Blissful

69. Elated

70. Ecstatic

71. Jubilant

72. Happy

73. Overjoyed

74. Delighted

75. Inspired

76. Rich

77. Beyond belief

78. Inconceivable

79. Stupefying

80. Unthinkable

81. Bewildering

82. Exciting

83. Astounding

84. Overwhelming

85. Extravagant

86. Beaming

87. Resplendent

88. Intense

89. Radical

90. Hard to believe

91. Beyond compare

92. Incomparable

93. Consummate

94. Perfect

95. Ideal

96. Flawless

97. Complete

98. Ultimate

99. Indestructible

100. Determined

101. Enthusiastic

As you look over the list of 101 words, some of them may seem odd; those words alone may not be powerful, yet combining them with others, they are “overwhelmingly unstoppable!” 🙂 Use your creativity and imagination. Begin each day with the exact response you’ll use for that day, and use it every time someone asks you that question. Notice how people react. If you can get a smile out of them, you’re on the right track. Before long, you will feel differently in a very positive and powerful way.

Remember, words are more powerful than most people imagine. Using words powerfully gives you an enormous advantage over others because most people limit their experience by their limited vocabularies. Try this technique and see if it doesn’t make a world of difference for you.

Please, send me an email and let me know how this worked for you.

Now go forth and use words positively and powerfully!

Justin Bieber Shocking Facts

Love him or hate him, he certainly generates a lot of heated feelings. Here’s the 7 most interesting things about him.

Justin bieber shocking facts


According to Mariah Yeater, Bieber is the dad of her three-month-old son! She claims that the Biebs lost his virginity to her backstage in one of his concerts 9 months ago. Yeater is requesting that the 17 year old singer provide child support for her baby.

In response to the allegation, Beiber offered some basic denials, and offered to take a DNA paternity test. He also threatened to countersue Yeater after he took the test.

Before the results came in, Yeater permanently dropped the lawsuit.

Justin Bieber reportedly lost over 80,000 followers on Twitter after he cut his hair.

However, we checked the numbers on Twitholic.com, and Bieber actually GAINED 40,000 followers the day after cutting his hair! In fact, he has gained a grand total of 120,000 followers in the four days that have followed the tweet about his new ‘do. All this publicity definitely appears to have paid off – his hair has reached a bid of $12,000 on Ebay, with all of the proceeds going to charity.

Justin Bieber shocking facts

\”Justin Bieber\” got kicked off of Facebook.

Bieber, a 35-year-old resident of Jacksonville, FL, was banned from the popular social networking site without any warning whatsoever. After six months on the website, it was apparently believed that he had been using a fake name (such as that of the teen pop sensation). He was also briefly banned from Ping, iTunes’ new social network for music!

The poor guy also gets tons of fan mail (up to 10 letters a day) and calls from fans of the pop star.

Justin Bieber’s Baby music video on JustinBieberVEVO currently holds the record for the most viewed video with more than 668 million views!

But Bieber’s video is a battlefield, most people that get on the video get there to get into a fight that holds as Haters vs. ‘Beliebers’. But currently haters are winning the battle with 2 million dislikes.

But why do people really hate Bieber? As dragoncommander92 said, “Beliebers, easy troll material.” Beliebers are a group of mostly girls who follow Justin Bieber.

The word ‘never’ is said a total of 73 times in the Justin Bieber song “Never Say Never”.

This comes out to a ‘never’ uttered once every 3.15 seconds! And if you don’t count the 40-second rap interlude by Jaden Smith (in which no ‘nevers’ are spoken), ‘never’ is said every 2.6 seconds throughout the song! I’ll tell you one thing though – I NEVER want to have to listen to this song again…counting those was the worst.

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe thought that teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was a woman.

No, not in person. (I know you were thinking it).  🙂

His first impression of Bieber\’s music was that it was a woman singing, not a teenage boy.

Apparently the star of the famous Harry Potter series doesn\’t have the opportunity to catch up on modern pop music. He usually listens to punk, ska, and alternative music.

Radcliffe\’s Bieber mix-up explained in an MTV interview.

Winter – Make Your Kids Fall in Love with It



Winter – a great season! The reason why so many children have a complicated relationship with this season is obvious. Rather than build a snowman, play snowballs or go sledding, they stay home with their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Parents are happy and children don’t feel bored. However, just because your children don’t play outdoors doesn’t mean they have a lower risk of catching cold and flu. Spending hours in front of the screen can cause much more serious diseases than running outdoors. If you’ve noticed that your child literally hates the wintertime, try out these tips.

1. Take baby steps

Whatever you do, you can’t encourage your children to spend some time outdoors during the winter season. They are not interested in building a snowman or skating. They can’t stand snow, and watching TV is the best activity for them. No pressure. Don’t try to make them fall in love with the winter activities at once. Take baby steps. Today ask your children to help you feed the birds – make it a habit. Tomorrow you may ask your little ones to help you build a snowman in your front yard. Or, ask them to take a short walk in the park to feed the animals that are very hungry and waiting for them. Your task is to find a reason to get your children out and into nature. 

2. Do it together

It’s hard to have your children turning off the TV or putting down those video games when one of family members stays home and watches TV. Show your children that all of you love wintertime, and there are plenty of fun outdoor activities to enjoy. Set a good example and your children will definitely follow it.

3. Watch winter-themed movies and read winter-themed books

One of the easiest ways to make your kids fall in love with winter is to let the TV and books do their job. Once they see how other kids in the movie enjoy winter activities they will want to try them too. Reading winter-themed books before bedtime may also encourage your children to play outdoors in the morning.

4. Set up your Christmas tree outdoors

Yeah, it sounds crazy. I remember my grandma couldn’t get me outdoors during the winter season. I was a stubborn child so the above tips didn’t work for me. When I was 10, my grandma decided to set up a Christmas tree in the garden so I had to leave my cozy bedroom and beloved TV to see the tree. Not only did I spend a few hours in the garden playing around my Christmas tree, I did spend two hours decorating it. Since then, I love to set up two Christmas trees – in the house and in the front yard.

5. Learn about nature in winter

Just like many kids enjoy exploring nature in spring or fall, why not explore nature in winter? There are a lot of things to discover. When feeding birds, pay attention to the species that live in winter. If you live in a snowy region, search for animal tracks or play a scavenger hunt. Winter stargazing and winter journaling are also great ideas to consider. The winter sky is a bit different than the summer sky. Instead of watching TV, watch the stars. This may become your new family tradition.

6. Cute coats

When your children have super beautiful winter clothing, especially coats or boots, it’s a lot easier to get them outdoors. They don’t have to be expensive, they should be warm, comfortable and cute. The same goes for winter sports gear and equipment like skis, sleds, skates, snowboards etc. Allow your children to choose what they love. This way, they’ll want to use them each day.


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